Family Direct Access Barristers

As you may be aware, in some circumstances you can instruct a Barrister directly without instructing a Solicitor first.

Each case is different, so there may be times when it is more appropriate to instruct a Solicitor who can then instruct a Barrister on your behalf at different stages of your case. At 43 Temple Row Chambers we work in partnership with local Solicitors to ensure each client receives the best advice and assistance from the appropriate service at each and every stage.

In family law, there may be times when people prefer to manage their own legal affairs but would like the benefit of advice and assistance on an “as and when I need it” basis.  Instructing a direct public access barrister may offer you the ideal solution.

Your direct access barrister is accustomed to receiving instructions at the last minute and excels under pressure. Their clerks will agree reasonable fees with you for each piece of work, allowing you to budget your legal costs effectively and make an informed choice about how and when to obtain legal assistance.

There are many aspects of family law or what is sometimes called “private client” work that one of 43 Temple Row’s family direct access barrister could help you with, including: –

If you are looking to instruct a barrister at 43 Temple Row on a direct access basis or you would like any further information please contact the clerks.

Family Direct Access Barristers: Suzanne Hodgkiss, Annabel Goodman and Inderjit Thind